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sagrods made to any length with inbuilt spring for automatic locking into z purlins

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our anti sag bar system is designed for roof slopes of more than 1.5 degrees, they are rollformed from 1.6mm thick galvinised steel into a small u channel ( 18 x 12 x18mm) with a sping clip at each end,the speedfix anti sag bar is ideal,it is easy to fit and once inserted into the purlins the spring clip locks it into position giving stability to the zed purlins, purlin spans less than 4.5 meters may not need anti sag system but for purlin spans above 4,5 meters, sag bars should be used,one sagbar per span up to 7,5 meters,purlin spans more than 7.5 meters upto 12 meters two sagbars should be used, spans more than 12 meters are rare and should be looked at by a qualified engineer to analise lateral twist of the zed purlins and design the anti sag system

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speed fix anti sagrods

the use of cold rolled steel zed purlins has steadily been increasing over the last 25 years or so, they are used predominantly on portal frame sheds and agricultural steel buildings,
the most widely used is a simple zed profile see (ICS ZED PURLINS) our range is infinite web sizes between 60mm - 350mm,with flanges of 50mm - 120mm. to maintain some
order of economics we have standard sizes that are web sizes150mm, 175mm,200mm,225mm, 250mm, these sizes generally cover most spanning requirements of any modern
new build or refurbishment program, shallow roof slopes should have the zed purlins with the top flange facing "up slope" this can cause the zed purlin to rotate/twist forward
and needs to be braced with some sort of anti sag system (see fig 1) our anti sagbar system helps keep the zed purlin from rotating /twisting as it locks the purlin against the
bottom of the purlin behind on roof slopes with a pitch of 10 degrees or more the zed purlin tends to fall back the opposite way and so needs the anti sagbar system to be fitted
at the bottom of the purlin in front (see fig 2) wind uplift/suction also places stresses on the cold rolled purlin system, this should also be factored in to any system

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We are manufacturers of steel roofing sheets and cladding materials including a full range of accessories such as flashings and rain water goods. We also manufacture a full range of structural sections such as z purlins, c sections, eaves beams and associated products. Our standard delivery service is throughout the UK ,we also have an urgent manufacture and delivery service if needed please phone for details. We provide a full factory roofing & cladding service including the design, manufacture and installation of the whole building envelope